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You and I celebrates the important of a father's role in his daughter's life, which serves as the cornerstone of a girl's development and growth. Join CeCe and her father on this most precious day to remember.


The Children’s Gift Series features careers we fondly call "gifts." All 10 books encourage your child to learn about different careers while repeating sight words and rhymes. These books serve as read-aloud books for daycare-aged readers and targets early level readers, ages 5 – 7.

Thomas and Zoe demonstrate how reading together not only strengthens the bond between a father and his daughter but also enhances her cognitive and emotional development through shared stories and experiences.

Like James and Michelle, a father reading to his daughter fosters a nurturing connection while simultaneously enriching her language skills and sparking her imagination through the power of storytelling.

Purchase "You and I" before your next daddy-daughter day! It is the perfect heartwarming book to read with your daughter, while strengthening and celebrating the special bond you share.

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