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The Children's Gift Series Super Reader Bundle

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Having a difficult time deciding? Try sampling The Children's Gift Series by purchasing the bundle. As part of the bundle you will receive, four books from The Children's Gift Series, the coloring and activity book and the matching card game.

The Children's Gift Series

The Children’s Gift Series features careers we fondly call "gifts." All 10 books encourage your child to learn about different careers while repeating sight words and rhymes. These books serve as read-aloud books for daycare-aged readers and targets early-level readers, ages 5 – 7. This 10-book series will help children explore their gift and how they can share their gift with the world through a career full of excitement and purpose! Each book reads the same with a different kid, gifts and career. This repetition across all 10 books encourages reading and builds confidence with early level readers!

Note: Please only select four books. Price adjustments will be made for additional books selected as part of the series.

The Children's Gift Series Coloring and Activity Book

The Children's Gift Series Coloring and Activity Book exposes kids, 4 - 8 years old to activities connected to various careers. Whether it is coloring a cupcake with Bryson the Baker, or picking which shoes to wear with Fatima's design, each activity serves as an introduction to careers.

The Children's Gift Series Matching Card Game

Which items will Bryson need to bake a cake? What beautiful design will Fatima make? The Children's Gift Series matching card game promotes parent-child relationships as characters are matched with items they would use for their career. Children will develop memory, increase coordination, and be encouraged to take turns. The Children's Gift Series Matching Game is sure to incite children's curiosity about careers.


Begin by gathering the pairs you would like to use. Shuffle and place them face down in front of you. Flip over one card and try to identify which items match the character and their career. Go until all pairs are found, putting the matches to the side. For younger children, show the career card while discussing the career, and ask them to select the items the character would use as part of their career.


20 Matching Cards (10 Pairs), 5" by 3.5" and an instruction card.


  • Increases early cognitive ability.
  • Develops memory skills.
  • Promotes parent-child relationship.
  • Increases coordination.
  • Encourages turn taking.
  • Incite career curiosity


  • Recommended for children ages 2 – 6.

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