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The Children's Gift Series - The Bilingual Learner

8.5 x 8.5 paperback
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Is your child learning to read Spanish? If so, the bilingual learner package is just what you need. Pick any 5 books from The Children's Gift series and you will receive them in both English and Spanish.

Introducing "The Children's Gift Series" – a heartwarming collection featuring 10 stories and 10 characters designed to captivate young readers with its blend of repetition, relatable characters, attainable career explorations, and meaningful gifts like writing, baking, engineering, and hair styling. This delightful series celebrates the diversity of young minds, particularly those of black and brown children.

The Children’s Gift Series features careers we fondly call "gifts." All 10 books encourage your child to learn about different careers while repeating sight words and rhymes. These books serve as read-aloud books for daycare-aged readers and targets early-level readers, ages 5 – 7. This 10-book series will help children explore their gift and how they can share their gift with the world through a career full of excitement and purpose! Each book reads the same with a different kid, gifts and career. This repetition across all 10 books encourages reading and builds confidence with early level readers!

Full set comes with the gift box!

About The Author

Dionne Grayson is the owner of Building Your Dreams, LLC., where she empowers youth and adults to live life By Design. Her signature program Dream.Explore.Build. partners with teens as they explore their interests and how those can connect to a career path full of purpose.

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